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There are different start and finish times for different classes, if you are not sure of your child’s new class please turn up at 8.30am and we will ensure there are staff to help you with this. Children in Nursery or Reception will do one day as a transition day then start full time on the following weeks. Please see your letter for which day your child is coming in or call the office to check this.

  • All Reception children start full time: Monday 14th September.
  • All Nursery children start Monday 21st September.

Start and finish times for Term 1:

  • EYFS (Acorn and Sycamore): Start at 8.45 finish at 3.15pm
  • Maple and Ash: Start at 8.45 finish at 3.15pm.
  • Redwood and Larch: Start at 8.30am finish at 3pm
  • Elm, Oak and Willow: Start at 8.30am finish at 3pm

We have many systems and procedures in place to ensure the school is as safe as possible for everyone. These include sanitiser, extra handwashing throughout the day, extra cleaning throughout the day and staggered start, break, lunch and finish times. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is able to go about their day safely.

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Advice for parents and carers school children:
Updated with the following information: Libraries in England are able to open from 4 July and digital library resources can be found at Libraries Connected.

10 top tips to encourage children to read:
The DFE have brought together a list of ways to help primary-aged children read at home.

Back to School In September:
Do you have a question or concern about your children going back to school? For advice from Southwark please email them on: backtoschool@southwark.gov.uk