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Complaints Procedure

 These stages are in line with guidelines provided by Southwark Diocesan Board of Education.

Informal Stage

Discussion of concerns with class teacher.

For children with SEND, please discuss your concern with the SENCO/Inclusion Lead. If not satisfied parents/carers may ask to discuss concerns with the Headteacher. An appointment can be made via the school office – 02077034896. If still not satisfied parents/carers may make a formal complaint in writing to the Headteacher. If they wish, parents/carers may complete a Complaints Form, available from the office, in preference to a letter.

Formal Stage

On receipt of a formal complaint the Headteacher will investigate.

The Headteacher will notify the outcome of the investigation to the parents/carers, saying that if they are not satisfied, they may send a written complaint to the Chair of the governing body. The Chair of the governing body will then investigate. The Chair will send a written summary of findings to parents/carers together with his/her decision.

If the parents/carers are not happy with the Chair’s decision they may ask for the matter to be referred to the governing body’s Complaints Committee.

Complaints Committee

Following a referral by the Chair of Governors, the Complaints Committee considers the complaint by listening to all parties involved, and reaches a decision; the parents/carers are informed of the decision. The committee’s decision is final.

Some matters, such as Safeguarding (child protection), are the responsibility of the Local Authority rather than the governing body. The Headteacher will clarify this for parents/carers during discussion in the Informal Stage.