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Meet the Governors

Please find below a list of our school governors. In the forthcoming term, we will be adding pictures and biographies relating to our governing body so please keep checking back for new information. If you would like to speak to our governors, or would like to pass on a comment to them, please feel free to contact our office via the “Contact Us” page above.

Our Governors

Please find below a full list of St Paul’s CofE Primary Schools governing body and its respective committees.

Governor Name Role/Type Committee/s Link Responsibility: Start/End Date Business Interests
Fr John Carruthers Interim Chair

Incumbent of the Parish Church

Faith, Ethos and Community

Finance & Resources



27/09/2017 – Ongoing Nil
Peter Chadwick Foundation Governor Finance & Resources

Headteachers Performance Management

Health and Safety 01/02/2019-16/05/2027 Nil
Saio Kamara Interim Vice Chair

Parent Governor

Faith, Ethos and Community

Headteachers Performance Management

KS2 18/07/2018 – 16/10/2027 Nil
Camilla Illingworth Co-opted Governor Chair of Marketing Standards EYFS 09/12/2020 – 08/12/2024 Nil
Saio Kamara Parent Governor Standards KS2 18/07/2018 – 0707/2022 Nil
Donna Mustafa Staff Governor Finance & Resources 30/06/2020 – 31/06/2024 Nil
Anastasia Obeng Foundation Governor Faith, Ethos and Community TBC 19/05/2021 – 18/05/2025 Nil
Amy Tiltman Foundation Governor Safeguarding 10/11/2021 – 09/11/2025 Nil
Ali Silke Executive Leader Nil
Angela Batchelor Head of School 05/10/2023 -04/10/2027 Nil
Hazera Begum Parent Governor 01/09/2023 – 01/09/2027 Nil

Currently 4 Vacancies:

  • Foundation Diocesan Board Of Education Appointed – 2 vacancies
  • Foundation Parochial Church Council Appointed – 1 vacancy
  • Parent Governors – 1 vacancy

Committee Membership & Link Governors:

  • PPG and SEND – John Carruthers
  • Safeguarding – Amy Tiltman
  • PE and sports premium – TBC
  • RE – TBC
  • EYFS – Camilla Illingworth

Headteacher Performance Committee:

  • Peter Chadwick
  • Saio Kamara

Finance & Resources Committee:

  • Fr John Carruthers
  • Peter Chadwick
  • Donna Mustafa
  • Ali Silke

Standards Committee:

  • Camilla Illingworth
  • Saio Kamara

Marketing Committee:

  • Camilla Illingworth
  • Amy Tiltman

Faith, Ethos and Community Committee:

  • John Carruthers
  • Ali Silke
  • Saio Kamara
  • Anastasia Obeng