Remote learning Art Gallery

Welcome our new gallery of fantastic artwork created by our children. These galleries will be updated every week so please keep checking back for new content.

Friday 21st May 2021:

Oak class – Numeracy Day 

These pictures are of Oak class during National Numeracy day.

Friday 21st May 2021:

Redwood class – The Vikings

Redwood class have been learning about the Vikings in Capital and Culture this term.
During their Design and Technology lessons they designed, created and evaluated their own Viking helmets, using paper, card, cardboard and their own choice of adhesives. They created a frame, inserted the segments and were then challenged to design horns and attach them. The class found it was not as easy as they thought – but didn’t they do well!

Friday 21st May 2021:

Larch Class – The Victorians

Larch class have been learning about the Victorians in Capital and Culture this term. During their Design and Technology lessons, they learnt that a famous Victorian, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a British engineer, designed the Cliffton suspension bridge. The children designed, created and evaluated their own suspension bridge using their choice of materials.

Monday 8th March 2021:

Fairtrade fortnight

To celebrate Fairtrade fortnight the children drew their own fairtrade fruit with pencils and oil pastels.
The children observed the light and dark areas, the lines, marks and details to create their own still-life artwork.
KS2 artists: Malik, Timi, Decory, Kiera, Shyelle , Nazir, Anthony 

Friday 5th March 2021:

Art for St Davids Day

Jordan and Anthony from the Walnut Bubble both did wonderful pictures to celebrate St David’s Day.

Monday 1st March 2021:

KS1: The theme of our artwork for the last few weeks was Dr Seuss and his famous Cat in the Hat characters. The children designed their own character based on the style of the artist and then produced their own Cat in the Hat artwork.

KS1 artists: Bintu, Queenie, Riley, Hakeem, Blue Rose, Romero, Shayne, plus Miss Sedi and Miss Linda May

KS2 Artists are: Tyler, Sonny, Shyelle, Kiera, Decory, Timi, Malik, Nazir, Jordan, Lloyd, Michael, Anthony and Lacey

Monday 8th February 2021:

KS1:This week, inspired from Oh, The Places You’ll Go, The Lorax or the buildings in Who-ville, the children created their own Seuss-Inspired line drawings. Very similar in style to our bold Keith Haring figures from a previous week, they used a marker pen and coloured paper to create striking buildings in the style of Dr Seus.

Artists are: Blue Rose, Bintu, Riley , Hakeem, Shayne 

KS2: Here are some more of the same topic created by KS2 children.

Artists are: Tyler, Lloyd, Jordan, Malik, Shyelle, Nazir, Michael, Patricia

Redwood Class: We wanted to share with you some of Redwood children’s brilliant drawings they have completed at home over the last few weeks.

Monday 1st February 2021:

KS1: Romero Britto is a Brazilian born artist who now lives in Miami, Florida. His modern pop culture artwork is known and celebrated all over the world. Our pupils used felt top markers and coloured pencils to create their own pop-art hearts in the style of this famous artist.

Artists are Shayne, Blue Rose, Bintu. Hakeem, Riley, Romeo, Queenie

KS2: Some more art work from KS2 and our talented staff members.

Artists: Tyler, Malik, Michael, Kiera, Nazir. Staff members: Miss Linda May, Miss Linda Mc

Monday 25th January 2021:

Here is some fantastic artwork from KS2. Oak, Larch and Chestnut class. The children used felt tip pens and their imagination to create these.

Created by Sonny, Timi, Shyelle, Lacey and Decory.

Here similar pieces from KS1. These works of art were created using paint, with the children mixing their own colours.

The artists are Bintu, Riley, Hakeem,  Blue Rose, Queenie.