Reading Books

We will be starting to send reading books home on Friday 20th November. Thereafter, all classes will take home and bring back books every Friday. Every classroom will have a book box at their classroom door, which the returned books will be put in by the children to be ‘quarantined’ for 72 hours before they are put back in the classroom. Unfortunately, due to our Covid Risk assessment, we will not be able to change books on any other days. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. In EYFS and Year 1 and 2, they will bring a book for you to read to them and when they are ready, a book that they can read themselves.

OFSTED now require children to take home books that have the sounds and words that they can read. This means that the book banded books are no longer appropriate independent reading material for children who are at the early stages of reading. In EYFS and Year 1, they will also bring home a phonics pack for the stage they are working at. These packs include a handbook for parents which tells you how to work with your child. These packs are for you to keep and will be useful in the event of a lockdown, which we hope and pray won’t happen.