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Meet our Chair of Governors

To introduce myself, I am Peter Chadwick chair of the Governing Body of Saint Paul’s school. I invite all parents and carers to come to a meeting once a half term on a Thursday at 8.45am in the Portakabin. Please see the newsletter for dates of these throughout the year.

After dropping off your children at the gate, come to the school office and Sandra or Donna will show the way.

As governors of the school we need to hear and want to hear your questions, views,  comments and feedback; and these meetings will also give a chance to share updates on what is happening  in school. After each meeting I will prepare a note summarising what was said and these notes are published here.

I look forward to seeing and meeting a good number of you!

Best wishes
Peter Chadwick

Download a meeting report:

Please click on the links below to download a meeting report. All reports are offered in .PDF format.

Meeting Reports – 2020:

Meeting Reports – 2019:

Meeting Reports – 2018: