Leon and the Place Between

Lower Keystage 2 classes have been reading “Leon and the place between” written by Grahame Baker-Smith. With his friends Leon visits an elaborate magic show, and finds himself quite literally drawn into the action. He finds himself being carried on a magic carpet into another world where, rather like Alice, he discovers a white rabbit, which he takes back to show his friends that anyone can find magic, as long as they believe in it.

Baker-Smith’s illustration uses Victorian-style posters with varied typefaces to tell the above-ground story, with puppet-like protagonists placed in black, purple, gold and starry sets.

As part of their learning objective, the children were tasked with reading the book and then writing their own interpretation of this classic children’s story. We took some pictures of their work, which can be seen in the gallery below. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.