Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Collective Worship at St Paul’s CofE Primary School has a high priority. It is Biblically rooted and through Christian teachings learners are able to relate the core Christian values to their own lives. It has a strong focus on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The children learn the distinctive features of different Christian traditions in worship particularly local Anglican practice, the seasons of the Church’s year and Christian festivals are celebrated regularly. We are visited by Rev Katy Hacker Hughes as well as other members of the clergy from different Christian denominations. Children attend special services at Southwark Cathedral, and St Paul’s Church. The school supports the work of the diocese through its Lent giving. It works alongside the churches and other schools within the diocese in partner with St Patricks’ Mission in Zimbabwe.

Children are encouraged to create their own class prayers, pray their own individual prayers and join in whole school prayers too. We say the Grace and the Lord’s prayer each time we start and end our worship. The children are involved in many aspects of worship. They lead services in school and in church, organise rotas, set up and plan the worship for each term.

Collective Worship is monitored and evaluated each term as part of our whole school improvement strategy. We feed back our evaluations to the Governors, The adult Faith Team, The childrens’ Faith Team, the teachers and the TA’s. Peoples’ ideas are very important to us! We like to hear from the children, the staff and the wider community about how Collective Worship transforms us and helps us all to flourish.

Class Prayers

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Worship News

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