Weekly learning

Thank you so much for all the support you are giving your children with their learning at home. We really do understand that it isn’t always easy.

Weekly learning will continue to be set for all year groups if there are children not in school by the class teachers on the school’s website using the following link: http://st-paulsprimaryschool.co.uk/home-learning-resources/ You can also access this page by going to the school’s website page and clicking on the ‘Learning’ link along the top and selecting ‘Home Learning Resources’. There are also regular updates on the website regarding online resources that provide useful and enjoyable learning opportunities for your children. So please do check regularly. There are some lovely pictures of children’s work being put up on the website so please do have a look. If your child has done some lovely work, please do send a picture to the Class email address as the Class Teacher would love to see it and it could go on the website too.

Please note there are still things we can continue to do together even though we are not in school:

  • Bishop Christopher invites us, as we hold onto hope whilst facing reality, to pray together for our nation and for all those affected by the Coronavirus. He encourages us to pause in whatever we are doing at 1pm each day and again at 7pm to say The Lord’s Prayer.
  • As we are no longer celebrating the amazing work of NHS, carers and keyworkers in the streets every Thursday night at 8pm, we thought the prayer below would be a nice one to say at this time instead.

Although we may be physically apart, these actions of hope in faith will keep us together.


A Prayer For Medical Workers Everywhere.

Restoring and healing God,
thank you for medical workers everywhere,
embodying sacrificial love in these challenging times
putting the welfare of others before their own
staying away from their family and loved ones
comforting the concerned and bereaved
reassuring the anxious and vulnerable
working to heal and restore people who are ill.
Be their guide, strength, wisdom and hope.

We pray for those in authority to do right by them
for proper protective equipment to be provided
and for their dedication to be met with much gratitude
and appreciation when they return home, exhausted.

And we pray for medical workers around the world,
where resources and protective equipment
are always in short supply, not only now but always.
May these extraordinary times
lead to deep and necessary changes in how our world works,
resulting in a genuine effort to address the profound injustice
of life expectancy being determined by geography,
to awaken us all to the reality of how connected we all are
and to work together to create the community and world
we all want to be part of.

So, help us, God,

Love and prayers to you all,
The St Paul’s Team.