Supermarket Vouchers for Children with Free School Meal (FSM) status

All children at St Paul’s are entitled to receive a free school dinner, which is an initiative unique to Southwark LA.

This is totally different to having FSM status in line with the DFE criteria and it is only FSM children who are entitled to the supermarket vouchers.

We are very aware that a number of families’ personal circumstances may have changed over the lockdown period and you may find that you are now eligible to apply for Free School Meals.

If have not yet registered for FSM status then please contact the school by emailing  or calling 0207 703 4896 and speaking to Sandra Bettinelli or Donna Goodes who will arrange for you to complete the necessary paperwork.

If you are already registered for the FSM supermarket vouchers, Southwark Local authority have said that they will honour these over the half term break.