St Paul’s at East Street Market!

Today a selection of children from St Paul’s Primary School gathered all of the produce that we have been growing over the past year to sell at our market stall at the local East Street Market. This is the last stages of our on-going project with School Food Matters.

School Food Matters has been helping three local schools (one of which is St Paul’s) to develop good food cultures and become Healthy Zones; places where children’s health and wellbeing is consistently and actively promoted through the policies and actions of the whole school community.

St Paul’s CE Primary School have had the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to cook fresh food with a specialist food teacher
  • Develop a food growing area with the help of an expert horticulturalist
  • Work with School Food Matters to get the very best school meal service
  • Come together to sell their home grown veg at East Street Market, which happened today!

The children did a fantastic job of selling their produce today making an impressive £27.90! The money raised  will support food education at our school, allowing more children to learn about growing, cooking and eating fresh food. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the reception children for looking after our growing area; watering and nurturing our plants everyday. Great job!

We took a few pictures of the East Street Market team, who were lucky enough to meet The Mayor! You can see the pictures in the gallery below.