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Moving on


How will the school help my child move to a new class / year group or to a different school?

Children and young people with SEN can become particularly anxious about “moving on” so we seek to support successful transition by:

When Transferring from class to class.

During the Summer term the children have a transition timetable where they get to spend an hour for each of four weeks with their next teachers in their new classrooms. Class teachers meet regularly and swap classes to enhance their knowledge of the children. SEN transition review meetings take place with the current and next teachers for more vulnerable pupils. Where appropriate, pupils may have a photobook to take home over the summer to reduce their anxiety about the changes to come.


When moving to another school:

We will contact the School SENCO and share information about special arrangements and support that has been made to help your child achieve their learning goals.

We will ensure that all records are passed on as soon as possible.


In year 6-7 transition

The SENCO and/or class teacher will attend meetings to discuss specific need of your child and the nature and level of support which has had the most impact.

On some cases additional multi-agency meetings may be arranged to create a more detailed “transition” plan which may include more visits to the new school and/or additional visits from the new school.