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What is an Education Health and Care plan or Statement?

If a child has severe special needs then the school or the parent/carer may decide to request a Statutory Assessment.  If the Local Authority feels that the needs of the child require it, they will produce a document called an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC plan), prior to Autumn 2014 they produced a document called a ‘Statement’. All Statements will eventually be transferred into EHC plans.

An EHC plan or a ‘Statement’ will specify the child’s learning outcomes and what provision must be put in place to meet the child’s needs. Sometimes (but not always) additional funding is provided to enable the needs of the child to be met.

EHC plans and statements allow parents to consider sending their child to a ‘Special School’.

If the school and parent feel that a statutory assessment is needed, the Inclusion Leader undertakes to provide the school evidence and relevant documentation, which will then be sent to the Local Authority, in accordance with Local Authority procedures.

During the time that these procedures are being followed, the Class Teacher, Inclusion Leader and specialist will continue to try to meet the needs of the child through personalised planning.

The writing of EHC plans will be completed in consultation with parent/carers, the Inclusion Leader and a representative from the Local Authority.

My Child has an EHC plan or Statement what happens next?

The provision set out in the EHC plan will be put into place by the school. A formal Annual Review Meeting, involving the Inclusion Leader, Class Teacher, Parent/carers and any specialists involved with the child will be held annually. Pupils when appropriate are invited to attend part of the annual review meeting or to offer their views regarding their progress if they do not feel comfortable to attend in person. All relevant parties will be contacted and invited in writing to the review meeting. They will be invited to send reports detailing the child’s progress. At this meeting new targets are agreed for the year ahead. Copies of all reports discussed at the Review Meeting are sent to the Local Authority, parent/carers and other attending parties by the Inclusion Leader. The presence of a Local Authority representative will always be requested at key times of transition (e.g. Reception, Year 5).

If there are significant changes in the child’s circumstances between the normal dates for the Annual Reviews, an additional Review Meeting may be called.

I think my child needs an EHC plan and disagree with Local Authority decision. What do I do?

If parent/carers are not in agreement with a decision made by the Local Authority they can access Mediation services or apply to SEND Tribunal to contest the decision and resolve the disagreement.

Information regarding mediation services and SEND Tribunal will be provided to parents by the Local Authority on application for a statutory assessment.