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St Pauls Primary SEND Information Report

Welcome to the St Paul’s Primary “SEND Information Report” website. This easy to use and user-friendly micro-site allows you to quickly and simply navigate through all of the many aspects of our school offer with great ease and speed.

All of the core items within our school offer have been offered to you as a clickable icon below. You can return to this “main menu” page at any time via the “Main menu” button above. To go back to the main school website, please click on the “School Website” link again within the main navigation.

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Southwark Local Offer

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Getting started

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Our School

schoolWhat is our vision and mission for children with special needs?


schoolCan I apply for a school place for my child if they have special needs or a disability?

Teaching & Learning

schoolHow will teaching be adapted to meet the needs of my child?

Support Team

schoolWho should I contact to discuss concerns or needs of my child?

How we work

schoolHow do we support pupils with SEN?

Staff Expertise

schoolWhat training have staff received to support children with SEN?

Parent Communication

schoolHow can I find out about how well my child is doing?

EHC Plan

schoolWhat is an Education Health and Care plan or Statement?

After School Clubs

schoolCan my child attend after school Clubs?

Moving on

schoolHow will the school support my child in the next stage of their education?


schoolHow is funding used to support children with SEND?


schoolWhat do I do if I have a complaint?