Our new Nursery Pupil

Meet Daisy!

The Nursery children in Olive Class are extremely excited today! More so than normal as they have had the opportunity to meet our new friend and now permanent resident Daisy! Daisy is a beautiful rabbit that has been very kindly donated to the nursery by a parent.

Daisy is a Holland Lop. Sometimes referred to as the Mini Lop but, despite this name, the Holland Lop Rabbit is not particularly small. These highly active, lop-eared rabbits are energetic and playful, and love cat toys, which keep them entertained and happy. She will be right at home with our playful and fun Olive Class. I’m sure that she will settle in very quickly.

We will have more from Daisy soon so please keep checking back for new stories. We took a few pictures today. She is a bit shy at the moment. Well, it is her first day but we are sure that she will be a little less camera shy over time. To see a larger view, please click on the thumbnails below.

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