Our Faith Team

At St. Paul’s, our Faith Team have a very important role to play in our Christian Community. They meet regularly to discuss how to develop as faith team members and how to emulate our school’s Christian Vision and Values. They work with SLT, our Faith Team Leader, Miss Mills and Father John, who help to guide them on their path.

The Faith Team contribute to daily Collective Worships by welcoming the whole school and leading the ending, they also ensure that our school church services run smoothly. The team contribute to all Church Services with prayers, reflections and scripture readings. This year this has included our Harvest service scripture reading of Philippians 4: 4-9 and presenting our whole school contribution of products we had donated.

Our Remembrance Service was next – the scripture was John 15: 9-17 and they created and presented poppy wreaths to the church altar and read out the ‘In Flanders Field’ poem. Then they prepared for our Christmas Church Service where we had some wonderful songs. The first service of our second term of the value ‘Hope’ was the St. Paul’s Day Service.

The scripture was Acts 9:1 22; the Faith Team delivered a play version of this scripture about St Paul’s dramatic conversion. Look out for more inspiring leadership from our Faith Team!