Oak class Benin masks

We are back in the art block with Oak class again as they finish their magnificent Benin masks. The people of Benin made many different kinds of art. Village craft workers made simple pots,

Maple Class PE

The sun is shining here at St Paul’s Primary School so what better way to enjoy such a beautiful day than by taking part in PE. We joined Maple Class today at PE as they learnt how to work as a

Art: Aztec Gods

In Art block this afternoon, the children have been studying Aztec Gods and the many amazing works of art created by the Aztec people in homage to them. The learning objectives

A visit to the Oval

On Monday 30th April, our superstar group visited the world famous Oval Cricket ground to work with a Surrey team coach. The day started with a tour and a visit to the Oval Museum,

SATs Video guides for parents

With SATs week for Keystage 2 pupils fast approaching and keystage 1 pupils following close behind, we have added links to two very informative

SATs Revision downloads

If you have a child in year 6, at the end of key stage 2, they will take national curriculum tests in English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling

Masks of Benin

We joined Oak class in the art block today who were making “Masks of Benin”. These masks came from an ancient civilization from West Africa.

St George’s Day

On Monday 23rd April, the children and staff celebrated St George’s Day. The celebrations began with dressing up in any clothing that is red and white or

SATs Video Guides 2018

With SATs week for KS2 looming, it is important that all parents and a full understanding of what will be taking place during this very important week.

Art: Ancient Aztec Gods

This afternoon, the children in the art block were working on creating some amazing mosaics of ancient Aztec Gods. In particular, Chantico; the Goddess of the hearth.