Chestnut Class meet the Urban Bees!

As part of the on going art project with Paisley Park, Chestnut class had an amazing day when they were visited by the Urban Bees!

We made the finals!

St Paul’s Primary School is proud to announce that its basketball team has made the finals!

I was hungry and Thirsty!

This year’s diocese Lent Call had the topic: “ I was hungry and Thirsty”.

Easter Special Top Table

Its Thursday here at St Paul’s Primary School, Walworth, and as you all know, Thursday is top table day.

Wildlife in Walworth

Even though we are in the heart of London, Walworth still has its little Oasis in suburbia.

The BBC visit our School

On Thursday 30th March 2017, St Paul’s Primary School were honoured with a visit from the BBC!

Easter Extravaganza Night!

On Wednesday 29th March 2017, children staff, parents and carers gathered together for the annual party

Video Newsround – March17

Welcome back to St Paul’s Newsround and our last video bulletin for the term.

Blue Elephant Theatre Company

Larch and Chestnut class have been working very hard with the Blue Elephant Theatre Company

World Book Day 2017

It’s 2nd March and throughout the country in every school, Children are celebrating World Book Day 2017.