Netball Tryouts

As you may all know, St Paul’s Primary School is putting together a Netball team to represent us in a forthcoming Netball tournament, which takes place early February. If you

Football at St Paul’s

Our girls and boys football team have had two games so far this term and are clearly improving their skills with every game. Our children are a very sporting bunch and always work so

Oak Class Art – Greece

We are back in the art block and today we join Oak class. Todays art topic is Ancient Greece and the children are looking at the many styles, shapes and patterns that the Greeks are

KS1 Art: Dinosaurs

We joined Maple class in the art block today who were studying the many different kinds of Dinosaurs that existed, there habitats and how they hid themselves from predators.

Be the Best you can Be!

On 10th January 2018, St Paul’s Primary School welcomed Hannah Beharry; eight times British Boxing Champion from 2003 – 2011 and European Champion

Back to School!

It’s 4th January 2018! A new year; A new term, and so much already in our diary leading up to our February half term break! To find out more about what’s coming up, please click on the

KS1 Nativity

The keystage one children rehearsed so hard in order to give us the very best performance that they could just before we broke for Christmas and wow; what an amazing show! If you

The Elf Squad Charity Walk!

We have an absolutely amazing team of dedicated staff here at St Paul’s Primary School; both in school and out as they dedicate their free time to

MyMaths issues with Adobe Flash Player

Since the launch of Microsoft Windows 10, some changes are apparent when using MyMaths, which predominantly uses Adobe Flash Player to run

Christmas Top Table

It’s Thursday here at St Paul’s Primary School and also the last Thursday of the term, which means the very last Top Table for this term before we break for Christmas. As it was a