National Thank a Teacher Day

– Wednesday May 20th 2020

#ThankATeacher #HowWillYouSayThankYou • National Thank a Teacher Day is a day when we, as a nation, can come together to say Thank You to teachers across the country who make a huge difference to young people’s lives – not just now during these unprecedented times – but every day!

• This will take place this year on Wednesday 20th May 2020 – and we will be celebrating and thanking teachers on social media all that week

• We are launching the campaign on Monday 27th April, with the aim of getting as many messages of thanks and some great stories about the teachers who are being thanked packaged up for the media on National Thank a Teacher Day on May 20th.

• It will be led by the Teaching Awards Trust, in partnership with the DfE and other education partners all sharing the same message and CTA

• With the #ThankATeacher and #HowWillYouSayThankYou hashtags we are encouraging people to share their message of thanks, ideally in a video clip – leading up to the day, This can be in an expression of their choosing – singing a song, writing and/or reciting a poem, or sharing a picture of a drawing.

You can find more detail here