KS1 Art: Dinosaurs

We joined Maple class in the art block today who were studying the many different kinds of Dinosaurs that existed, there habitats and how they hid themselves from predators.

The first activity was to watch a PowerPoint presentation and video looking the Stegosaurus. A large plant eater. The class then split into groups to work on building collages using different coloured tissue paper and glue to create a Stegosaurus in a forest. The children chose two or three colours to create their A4 collage.

The next activity was to create a 3D shape of a Stegosaurus being sure to include its protective plates on its back and tale to warn off predators. The finished model can then go in front of the forest background showing the children’s portrayal of a dinosaur in its natural habitat.

We took a few pictures of Maple class working on their collages, which can be seen in the gallery below.