Internet Safety Day

On Tuesday 11th February Mr Alam spoke to the school during Assembly discussing how to stay safe online and what your “online identity” is. It is ever so important to do everything that you can to protect your identity online as it is possible for other online users to detect and copy your identity and parts of your identity such as your passwords, bank account details and so on.

Together for a Better Internet!

Mr Alum also discussed cyber bullying and how it is important to always be kind to others when you are online. The theme this year asks us to work together to make an internet where we are free to be ourselves. We are #freetobeme!

When we go online, we should make sure that everyone is free to be:

  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Helpful
  • Different
  • Happy
  • Ourselves
  • Respectful

To learn more about Internet Safety, why not download our presentation via the link below.