Children’s Praise

Awarding excellence

Welcome to our praise week page. Each week, an assembly is held where children in each classroom are praised for outstanding work and/or behaviour.

Class Children awarded + Reason
Maple: Rolanda – Improving quantity & quality of writing
Brianna – Making everybody happy in class
Birch: Aminata – Huge effort in maths using numicon
Huxley – Improved effort in sitting still in class
Ash: Praise – For beautiful handwriting
Gabrielle – For trying very hard in all subjects
Larch: Devontee – For excellent reading skills
Denzel – For being a great assistant to Miss Cleaver
Chestnut: Deborah – For showing perseverance in maths
Sade – For excellent reading skills
Redwood: Precious F – Improved approach to Maths tasks
David – Courteous to Teachers and pupils in class
Elm: Nehemiah – Improved attitude in the classroom
Maryam – Improved attitude in the classroom
Mohammad – For excellent working out in maths
Nana – For excellent working out in maths
Oak: Gloria – For a positive attitude to learning
Isata – For working hard in all subjects
Willow: David – For sustained detail in writing
Zainab – For a creative opening in her story
Breakfast Club: Abena – For excellent behaviour
After School Club: Kierra – For excellent behaviour

Top Table

Well done to the following pupils for working so hard. Their reward was to be at top table on Thursday. The top table pupils for this week are:

  • Maple – Kevin
  • Larch – Archie
  • Willow – Ashanti
  • Birch – Naomi
  • Redwood – Abena
  • Willow – Tadan
  • Ash – Shane
  • Redwood – Edmund
  • Chestnut – Remus
  • Chestnut – Deborah
  • Oak – Isata
  • Elm – Francis A