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Harvest Service – Thank you!

Thank you to all the family and friends that donated food items for our Harvest Service. It was a lovely service led by Father John

The Manna Society

Support our Love Projects Our offering this term is part of our school’s “Love Project”. Love Projects have a different focus each term.

Harvest Service 2019

On Thursday 19th September 2019, St Paul’s CofE Primary School children and staff set off together to gather at St

Pentecost Service

This Friday 7th June St Paul’s CofE Primary School will be gathering together with Mother Katy at St Paul’s Church for the Pentecost Service.

St Paul’s Choir sing for us!

On Friday 8th March, the entire school congregated at St Paul’s Church joined by Mother Katy to celebrate Ash Wednesday together and take part in the service that was postponed from

St Paul’s Day Service

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the St Paul’s service this morning. The singing, reading, reflections and prayers were as usual, to a very high standard. We also enjoyed Chestnut’s

St Paul’s Day 2019

On Friday 25th January 2019 the entire school will gather at St Paul’s Church to celebrate St Paul’s Day. On this day we will hear readings from the Bible, reflections read by a selection of children, and of

Year 1 and 2 Nativity

We had an amazing treat today as staff and parents gathered in the hall this afternoon to watch our Year 1 and 2 children perform their enterpretation of the Nativity story. We were so pleased to see so many

Early Years Nativity

With Christmas now upon us, what better way to welcome this festive season than by telling the story of how it all began; the birth of Christ our lord. Well, we have an amazing treat this week as our Early Years pupils will be doing just that!

Carol Service & Parties

Our Christmas Service will, as usual be held at St Paul’s church on 20th December at 9am. This is a very special time for our school community as we gather together in church. Please do come along. We would love to see you there.