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World Book Day 2019

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Tuesday 5th March. Our theme this year will be ‘GOOD VS BAD’. Which character will you dress up as? Are you a Great

Poppy Appeal

We have just heard that St Paul’s School raised £329.08 for the local British Legion, which will benefit ex-serviceman. Well done everybody and thank you for your continued support. We hope all our families

Admission to Holy Communion

Admission to Holy Communion at St Paul’s, Lorrimore Square St Paul’s Church will be preparing children who are 7+ years old to receive First Holy Communion on Tuesday

Online 1to1 Maths tutoring with the Third Space Maths Hub

From January 2019 our Year 6 pupils have been greatly benefiting from the 1 to 1 online tutoring Maths Hub offered by Third Space Learning.

School Improvement Focus: HMI inspection

We have some wonderful news! Just before Christmas you know that we had a visit from Her Majesty’s Inspector Jude Wilson. Her visit was an ‘HMI’ inspection which the

Willow visit Southwark Playhouse

In connection with their recent topic covering the Shakespeare play “The Tempest“, Willow & Elm Class had the amazing opportunity to visit the Southwark Playhouse to

Acorn Class – Gingerbread Men

On Friday 1st February Acorn class enjoyed a morning of baking fun making Gingerbread Men! The children really enjoyed preparing the ingedients, kneeding their dough,

Safer Internet Day

We are looking forward to celebrating Safer Internet Day next week. Your children will be discussing how to stay safe in their Class Collective Worship. The global theme is ‘together for a better

International Food Fair

We will be holding an International Food Fair on Friday 22nd March from 1-3pm. Look out for details in upcoming newsletters. We can’t wait! We hope all our families and friends have a restful weekend.

Nursery Open Day

Come and join us for our Nursery Open Day! We are holding an open morning at the school for any prospective parents, who have a nursery aged child or a child turning 3 soon. If you have a neighbour or