School Admissions

St. Paul’s Church of England Primary School is committed to serving the needs of the local community. St. Paul’s has a distinctive Christian ethos which is at the heart of this School and provides an inclusive, caring and supportive environment where children learn and flourish in a setting shaped by Christian values.

Applications Information

We welcome applications from all members of the community and we ask all parents to respect the Christian ethos of our school and its importance to our community. When offering places at the school, priority will be given to parent/carers that have church affiliation.

Nursery and Reception applications

The Governing Body admits pupils to the Nursery and the Reception Year in September. The Nursery class will not exceed twenty five pupils in the morning and twenty five pupils in the afternoon, unless we are required to do so by the LA. Forty five children are admitted to the Reception Class.

The application forms are available from the school or from the local education authority. These forms can be returned to the local education authority either directly or through the school. Parent/Carers requesting a place at St. Paul’s under the church criterion are requested to submit a supplementary application form.

Failure to return the supplementary form will mean that the school cannot consider the application under the church criteria, in this case the application will be considered under the next most appropriate criteria based on the information on the common application form. Parent/Carers will be sent a letter in Spring informing them of the school which is able to offer their child a place (date to be confirmed by the Local Authority).

Apply for 30 hours free childcare

There’s one application for 30 hours free childcare and Tax-Free Childcare. As part of your application, you will find out if you can get both. If you’re eligible you’ll get a childcare account and a code for 30 hours free childcare.

To apply online, CLICK HERE.

View our Admissions Policy

For more information, please download our complete admissions policy via the link below.

To view our admissions policy, visit our policies page.